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clear glass vs low iron for shower doors
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Clear Glass is the industry standard for shower doors.

It's also used in homes, office buildings, automobiles, tabletops, windows, mirrors & more. 

Regular clear glass has a greenish tint when you look through it and the edges are a darker shade.The green hue is also more noticeable in thicker 3/8" or 1/2" glass or with a white tile background.

Low Iron Glass is water clear to show off the true color of whats behind it and the edges look teal/aqua.

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Low Iron Glass Shows Off the True Colors of  Your Tile 
Low Iron glass is water clear when you look through it so there's no greenish tint.

Used for glass furniture, shelving, room partitions and shower doors, it shows off the true colors of the tile behind it and worth the extra cost.

Two popular brand names of Low-Iron glass are UltraClear™ and Starphire™

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