Add a Touch of Class with Frameless Shower Doors  

3/8" clear-glass shower door with notched panel and 90° return panel

Frameless shower doors make a statement in any bathroom.

Each job is unique to the floor plan, shower head location, overall shape and size.

Design and installation require professional know-how so the shower door is leak proof and structurally sound.

Think of it as building a piece of fine furniture with glass.

Where to Start

The first thing to consider is how much floor space will be needed and where the toilet, vanity, plumbing pipes and adjacent walls are located.

Get product dimensions from the manufacturers cut sheets and be sure to draw each fixture on a floor plan or directly on the plywood floor.

Leave enough space so your shower door doesn't hit anything when the door opens. This includes vanities, toilets, lights, ceiling fans, and wall mounted towel bars  to name a few.

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frameless shower door with acid etch privacy glass
3/8" Acid Etch  -  Privacy Glass

Oversized 90° Unit
There are strict framing requirements with heavy glass shower doors , so be sure to install solid 2x4's behind the walls (and sills) so the hinge screws have something solid to secure with.

When shopping for shower doors, there are 3 styles to choose from:
-Semi-Frameless 1/4"

-Semi Frameless 3/8" & 1/2" glass
-Totally Frameless Heavy Glass

Think of them as  good-better-best
"Frameless" shower doors are the most popular, so let's take a look at them first.